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19 de abril

flamenco en el backstage

3 de mayo

flamenco en el backstage

17 de mayo

flamenco en el backstage

31 de mayo

flamenco en el backstage

The only flamenco piano show in the world

Flamenco on the Backstage is addictive, revolutionary and unique.

What would the beginnings of flamenco be like? It is a question that haunts my head, how did that first quejío that tore the heart of those gypsies and gypsies who consoled their sorrows and joys under the melodic mantle of this primitive art that is well twinned with the different cultures that coexisted in Spain?

Flamenco En El Backstage flows in a space for no more than 90 people, it is not a flamenco show, it is not a theater, it is ancient flamenco, but also contemporary, it is an atmosphere, it is a link with the essence of flamenco, improvisation leads the way, a unique and unrepeatable experience and the public is part of this creation because we are all connected.
An almost casual encounter as if you were in the living room of a house full of life, of joy.

Do you want to see the best flamenco in Madrid?
Then come to the Backstage and if you don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back and buy you a drink.

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Israel Fernández




Estrella Morente


Carmen Linares


María Heredia


Pedro el Granaino


Rafaela Carrasco


Jorge Pardo


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