'Palmas' Course

Pablo Rubén Maldonado

How long have you been trying to learn flamenco, its rhythms, styles and how to play the palmas without being looked at with a "where have you escaped from" look on your face?

You must be tired of hearing that flamenco is not learned, that you have to be born and all that stuff from some experts and scholars, well, just tell you that this romantic thinking is stagnant in time and that there is no solid foundation to support it. Another thing is that what you do connects with the public and that’s another matter. With time, passion and a lot of love everything is possible.

The first thing a person should learn is rhythm and the easiest way is to learn to clap.

The next step is to be able to distinguish some styles from others, in flamenco we call them “palos” and what differentiates one palo from another are their melodies, since a palo can have the same rhythm but different melody, for example, the soleá and the alegrías. They have the same rhythm but different melodies.

So if your purpose is to get to know more deeply this wonderful music here are three introductory videos.

Some examples of Lessons

(In Spanish)

Tip 1: Pace

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Tip 2: La Seguiriya

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Tip 3: Bulería

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Tip 4: The Tangos