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The only flamenco piano show in the world


“Flamenco en el Backstage” is addictive, revolutionary and unique.


What was the beginning of flamenco like? I have always wondered to myself. How did the first lament, “quejio”, emerge tearing up gypsy’s hearts, comforting them in their joys and pains under the melodic mantle of this primitive art, well twinned with other different cultures that lived together in Spain?

Flamenco en el Backstage, opens into a space that holds no more than 90 people, it is an atmosphere full of flamenco essence, the improvisation forges the path, it is unique and is an unrepeatable experience and the public form part of that creation as we are all connected.

Humble gypsy families opening their hearts wide to the rhythms of Siguiriyas, Soleares and Bulerías, without scripts, scores or any forethought, just in the mode of the here and now.

The improvisation, the interaction of the public and this closeness makes flamenco rip your soul apart through its singing, its dance and its flamenco feeling, “toque”. This interaction between the public and the artist is an essential part of the flamenco and it is also the same at Backstage.

This is essentially what I have lived in the heart of my own home. The invited artists and I connect before performing, whether in dressing rooms, in rehearsals or in breaks, by living the present and connecting with the soul on a much deeper level thus being able to deliver magical and moving moments. Reminding me fondly of the many happy family gatherings with just the mere intention of having fun and joy.

Improvisation is what old gypsy families did, in Flamenco en el Backstage, you will feel that
spirit and the essence of yesteryear, the wrenching cry of its birth is mingled with the freshness and diversity of our contemporary era.

You will be able to witness this sensation of being in the middle of this ancestral musical rite of the Gypsy culture and flamenco, a gathering so casual that it feels almost like being in a sitting room full of life and joy.

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Phone:+34 687 484 346 or WhatsApp


What do they say about Flamenco in the Backstage

Recomiendo altamente ir a verlo. Es un privilegio haber tenido delante a estos tres verdaderos artistas. Qué arte tan difícil y tan bonito. Muchas gracias por esta noche tan especial. Volveré a repetir.

 Comentario de María en Atrápalo

Es una experiencia musical auténtica, un espectáculo original donde estás encima de los intérpretes, en círculo, sin amplificación, es un verdadero tablado.

 Comentario de Iván en Atrápalo

Si vas al Backstage, tu también eres parte viva de el. Es una experiencia flamenca, en familia, cálida, mágica e intransferible. Ternura en toda la gama que va de las bulerías a las soleares, explosión de arte comprometido y cargado de hermosura.

 Comentario de lucasjm616 en Tripadvisor

Pone los pelos de punta ver tan de cerca un espectáculo flamenco. Pablo es un auténtico virtuoso y consigue llevar al piano lo mejor del género… Y las compañías para voz y baile que busca, la verdad, nunca decepcionan. ¡Más que recomendable!

 Comentario de 76lolag en Tripadvisor

More Information and Bookings:
Phone:+34 687 484 346 or WhatsAapp