Pablo Rubén Maldonado/«Fuera de la Realidad»

«Fuera de la Realidad»


1. Tierra de Nadie, Con Ricardo Losada el Yunque Comprar Canción
2. Como Pasa el Tiempo, Con Diego Carrasco Comprar Canción
3. Mi Alba, con Carmina Cortés Comprar Canción
4. Días de Soledad, con Guadiana Comprar Canción
5. Mi Essencia Eres Tú Comprar Canción
6. Ansiedad. Mi locura Comprar Canción
7. Granada Comprar Canción
9. Quiero Saber, con Pedro el Granaino Comprar Canción
10. Díselo, con María Toledo Comprar Canción
11. Melodias Grises, con Jorge Pardo Comprar Canción

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Pablo Rubén Maldonado is at his best as he presents us with his latest recording, joined by some of the most accomplished artists from the world of Flamenco and various other traditions, such as Diego Carrasco, Jorge Pardo, Rubem Dantas, Guadiana, Ricardo Losada “El Yunque”, Antonio Campos, Farruquito, Maria Toledo, “El Piculabe”…

The maturity of his expression, his distinctive way of playing, visceral and without complexes or prejudgement in using new rhythmic, melodic and harmonic resources, makes us reflect, fall in love, cry and even want to scream! He communicates to us his most intimate thoughts, giving each piece a sense of unconformity with the world and hope for change at once.  Pablo is incapable of giving us not even one sound devoid of expressive strength or vital rhythm: everything is full of energy and movement.

We are before an eclectic, work where every note is important and every word resonates in the mind of the listener. Without a shred of doubt this recording marks a before and an after in the conception of Flamenco piano as we knew it.

In this inner voyage the artist frees himself from any orthodox ties, something found, perhaps all too often, in the world of Flamenco today.
Luís Prado. Composer and pianist

It could be the breath of his spirit, or that which his personality is on earth, I am not sure, but Pablo amouts to something much more than ‘G minor’ o ! or sheer sound……. you can his spirit emanating directly from his music. Jorge Pardo – saxophonist, flutist and composer

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Artista: Pablo Rubén Maldonado English
Album: PRM Producciones
Fecha de Lanzamiento: 29-1-2011
Género: Flamenco